French Door Shutters, Classic Yet Stylish!

French Door Shutters Size

French door shutters allow natural light into your home and help connect indoor to outdoor spaces. French doors are hinged at the side jambs, with each door panel meeting together in the center. A talus containing the locking mechanism is mounted in a door, so that a central mullion is needed. The doors are opened and closed as a traditional swing doors.

French door shutters offer more versatility than the sliding doors opening panels. A panel can remain passive, I remain locked in place when you need to open one side. When you want to entertain, move large pieces of furniture inside or outside, or just open space for outside views, both panels can be opened wide at the center unobstructed. A threshold low profile used with French doors providing a safer transition through the door, with a lower risk of tripping and falling and easier for walkers and wheelchair navigation.

The classical style of French door shutters mullion them a perfect accent for traditional styles of houses ago. Optional materials framed in wood, steel, aluminum or fiberglass is available in various colors. French doors can be customized to complement any home style and disseminate an exclusive look. French doors are often used indoors as well as outside the house.

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